Low Cost Automated Testing

I/O Configuration

The FT-100a main unit should handle most of your functional test requirements. If more I/O capabilities are needed, external expansion modules may be added.  There are three connectors on the FT-100a for I/O interfacing.  All are IDC-type ribbon cable headers with latches for positive locking. Following is a breakdown of the I/O lines available in the FT-100a:

Power Supply Lines:

  • +5v. @1 amp
  • +12v. @1 amp
  • -12v. @.25 amp
  • Programmable Supply (0-10v.) @1 amp

Notes:  All power supply lines are overload protected with automatic resetting. The variable voltage supply line is software programmable with its own command.

Digital lines:

  • 40 Digital Inputs- TTL compatible switching levels
  • 40 Digital Outputs - Rail-to-rail output (0-5v.)

Notes:  Digital inputs overload protected to +50v/-35v.

External Trigger:

  • One external trigger line for one digital input port

Notes:  Trigger Polarity is software programmable.  Latch status is software readable.

Analog lines:

  • 8 Analog Inputs (0-10v. or +/-5v.) 12 bit resolution
  • 7 Analog Outputs (0-10v. or +/-5v.)      
             (4 outputs @12 bit resolution, 3 @8 bit)

Notes:  Analog Input lines overload protected to +/-66v.

Control Lines:

  • START/STOP - Start and stop the test program
  • WAIT/CONT - "Pause" a running program
  • RESET - Hardware reset
  • TRIG - External trigger line