Low Cost Automated Testing

Test Results

The FT-100a is capable of acquiring and processing very large quantities of test data.

Data may be:

  • Displayed to the operator - Using the built-in backlighted LCD display.
  • Printed as it is acquired - Producing a hardcopy printout of the data.
  • Sent out the serial communications port - To another computer or network, etc.
  • Stored on either the USB or SD disk media - Stored data is compatible with spreadsheets, word processors, SPC, etc.

Because of its ability to handle large quantities of data, the FT-100a is ideally suited for applications that require long-term monitoring, such as environmental and life testing.  Combined with the serial communications ability, the FT-100a can be very easily connected to ongoing Statistical Process Control systems.   The FT-100a could even be used as a stand-alone SPC data collection and analysis system.