Low Cost Automated Testing


The serial communications port may be used for several purposes:

  • Serial Printer output
  • Terminal or Computer interface
  • Remote control of FT-100a Control of external test equipment (equipped with RS-232 interface)
  • Transferring Programs and Data

The FT-100a uses RS-232C at baud rates of 110 to 19.2K and standard cables for all serial communications. The manual clearly describes the cable requirements.

The FT-100a can communicate with almost any ASCII terminal or computer running a terminal emulation program (the computer does not need to be PC compatible).  Other equipment with RS-232 capabilities may be controlled and monitored by the FT-100a as well.  This allows the FT-100a to interface with, or control, other test equipment. An optional "add-on" USB interface is available which uses the RS-232 port.

An optional Serial Port expansion, model 1041, can be attached to allow up to four RS-232 lines.  This inexpensive option simply plugs into the Serial connector and may be added at any time.  The supporting software is already in place.